Configuring MediaWiki for SMTP

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Configuring SMTP support on MediaWiki is actually quite easy!


Make sure that you have php-pear installed first (for any version, really):

apt-get install php-pear

Then make sure the following dependencies are installed (through php-pear):

pear install mail
pear install Net_SMTP
pear install Auth_SASL
pear install mail_mime

Finally, restart apache2:

service apache2 restart


Now, go into the MediaWiki root directory and look for your LocalSettings.php, and add the following array:

 $wgSMTP = array(
    'host'     => "", // could also be an IP address. Where the SMTP server is located
    'IDHost'   => "",      // Generally this will be the domain name of your website (aka
    'port'     => 25,                 // Port to use when connecting to the SMTP server
    'auth'     => true,               // Should we use SMTP authentication (true or false)
    'username' => "my_user_name",     // Username to use for SMTP authentication (if being used)
    'password' => "my_password"       // Password to use for SMTP authentication (if being used)

Follow the comments directions and you should be good to go! Keep in mind that you might have to review firewall entries and other things if you have issues.